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Why The US Citizens Still Do The Healthcare Debate

Well its now fall 2014 and obamacare is in full effect, we here at carespark are big fans of modernizing our old corrupt healthcare system. In fact that was our mission when we decided to build a startup around this problem. Years later I was reminded that an overly socialist system must have room for private practice. Zain Kadri from explained to me that many of his patients come in with aspirational issues that have nothing to do with typical healthcare issues. If we as a people were to not allow this sort of freedom then this obamacare would be shortsighted. In fact many of the citizens of America are still baffled on what to do with the healthcare debate. We want universal healthcare but with the options and freedoms that private “expensive” healthcare allows. Clearly, there are many factors to talk about and debate because if there is one wrong move done it could mean a rise of a crisis and not just for the economic sector. Many other sectors will be affected and that is something any US citizen would underestimate.

There is the single payer system where under that everyone would pay into a fund that would be managed by a federal agency. That agency in turn will be the ones to pay for the investor’s treatment. Many like this type of system and it is for them the best way to ensure the fairest health care for many people. This is true since there are still many who do not have jobs and this is one of the ways to do this.

The others though are saying this is harder to achieve since there are many companies competing for such. Therein lay the problem because there are different competitive prices and that will just confuse the investor. Also health care is not unlimited. There is a limit for everything and you can’t treat everyone with healthcare because it is too expensive. This is also one of the contents of health care debate and many politicians and even ordinary citizens are on heated discussions just to make sure they have the proper information to be passed.

Why Even Bother With Healthcare Debate

If you are a US citizen then it should be known to you what healthcare has done for you for these couple of years already. A healthcare debate would go on for many days and nights just because they want a better solution for this kind of resolution but still there are many conflicting ideas that Americans have and that would be the reason this has not still ended. There are still many points that still need clarification and the politicians will do the rest to clear this up. For now it is our duty to get enlightened about this.

If you are a US citizen and you have not understood why people still do a healthcare debate then you better get on with the program because you might miss something that could really be beneficial for you. There are many points in healthcare than a US citizen should know and be informed with because when the time comes when you need healthcare you can easily take advantage of it without any problems. This is why there are still people who do a healthcare debate because they still want to improve it to make it conventional for every US citizen and maybe for those who are affected around the world.

The US government is trying their best though to make it the best policy but if it comes to shove and it would look like it would not give them the best benefits then maybe in the future it would just be removed. Some might agree to that solution.

An Opinion On Healthcare Debate

Many would think that healthcare is irrelevant in other countries other than in the US well they are wrong. Some countries will be affected with this kind of change in the US so most of them are always prepared to do something about it when the time comes. A lot of people have been debating if healthcare in the US should be done properly or it needs some changes because of the reason that it will change some other countries that are also depending on it. An opinion says otherwise though.

Some say that let the US government do their work and let them debate about it and just go on with life. By just debating with the ordinary citizens they are just interfering with the government’s work and that could hinder them to quickly end the debate. There are others say that doing these debates of our own can be healthy for our generation. At least some people would like to know what our government is doing and would likely want to help them raise a decision more quickly than waiting for them to do theirs. At least that is what they believe citizens should be doing than just arguing for themselves.

For some having their own opinions on how to handle healthcare debate is already a good thing. Healthcare is a really touchy subject but once you get the grasp of it then you should voice out your own opinion. At least never get in the way of the government if not necessary.

Why The Health Care Debate Is Still Being Argued In The US

This is a hot topic that is still being debated by the two parties in the US up until now. This is a kind of topic that every US citizen is concerned of because it concerns of their support when the time comes that they need aid when they grow ill or they get into an accident. This is their health care and it is a growing reform that they need to perfect because if not it will give a big blow to the US economy if not carefully made. This is why there are still health care debates being held in the US government which has annoyed a lot of citizens lately.

It is not a simple thing to reform as they say. They have been reforming this type of political issue for many years already. They have been focusing on increasing the coverage, decreasing the cost and social burden of healthcare and many more. With these types of topics that need modifications and such, it is obvious that this is no simple matter to overcome. It is a very complex topic to handle and there are many problems to iron out.

Cost and efficiency is one complex thing to handle and has been constantly been involved in the health care debate. Money and the efficiency are involved so they must be carefully discussed again and again until they can find a reform that could be beneficial for everyone.

Healthcare Debate

There is a never ending debate regarding the government’s healthcare program these days. Many are against this healthcare program while there are also many who are for the program. There are people questioning the single payment plan where people pay into a fund managed by a government agency who will be responsible for payments for insurance claims and treatments. The present health care system calls for people to pay monthly payments for their insurance to insurance companies who pay directly the claims for treatments. There are many who are against this single payment because of claims that they may not be able to get the proper treatments when government does this service. They also claim that they may pay higher taxes with this procedure because they will be paying for all who do not have insurance protection of their own. For private insurance companies to handle the healthcare services; this is still the best way because better services can be expected, this despite insurance premiums to increase.

People who are for this healthcare system say that this is the best way for more people to have insurance coverage, particularly those who do not actually have insurance. This and other issues will lead to a debate that will probably have no ending because there are people who are against and also more people who are for this healthcare program. There are many who are in favor of this because people who presently do not have jobs and consequently have no insurance coverage can still benefit from the healthcare program of the government.

What Should Be Discussed During Healthcare Debate

Most individuals are trying to find ways on how to maintain and promote good health. There are times when a person will argue with some topics from books, internet, and media because it contradicts to what he/she has learned from his/her teachers, friends, and relatives as well as from his/her own experiences. With all the confusions you have in mind, healthcare debate could really help enlighten your mind by relating and comparing that information to what you have learned.

The healthcare debate is now considered as a very hot issue in the United States of America. Many individuals say that a free health services should be provided to all citizens; this is due to the reason that medical care along with its various services are very expensive to deal with. A very serious medical condition can really lead to bankruptcy. On the other hand, some individuals say that if a certain country cannot afford to accommodate the healthcare of its entire citizen, a healthcare bill should mandate that all individuals must buy medical insurances, whether they really want it or not.

The above mentioned ideas actually do have good points to consider. The world really needs change. However, there are still many issues to consider because these are also factors that will have a huge impact on the quality of healthcare as well as the involved expenses that should be first settled. These issues are rarely discussed by the media and during debates. The healthcare debate should focus on these aspects in order to properly address the needs of all individuals.

What Can You Get from the Healthcare Debate?


Healthcare is considered as one of the hottest issues today wherein most individuals want to involve themselves in. Many individuals are asking about what they can get from a healthcare debate when the government does not want to provide the healthcare services they badly need. There are still many people who want to keep away from the chaos and turmoil caused by a healthcare debate. This turmoil can come to a boil for those with severe problems like stroke of varying degrees even mild ones.  However, experts believe that all individuals should involve themselves in a healthcare debate since this is for their own benefit.

One of the main benefits you will obtain through a healthcare debate is it will enhance your awareness of all the current health issues. You will have the opportunity to know all about the present healthcare status of your society. At the same time, you will be aware of all the healthcare reforms being implemented by the government. With your boost of awareness, you will then be motivated to raise all your health concerns to the government.

On the other hand, an existing healthcare debate will encourage government and non-government sectors to help those communities who are underprivileged by making sure they will be provided with the different types of healthcare services. Concerned individuals will have the opportunity to help raise such concerns and take the challenge in helping those individuals who are in need of different healthcare services. This is good news for everybody who wants fair treatment with regards receiving healthcare benefits they really need.

For those individuals who don’t have the idea and required understanding about the importance of healthcare, a debate about it is an ideal opportunity for them to attend. Viewing a healthcare debate will help them realize and understand the importance of having effective and efficient healthcare programs and services offered to all citizens in the country. Attending a debate will help you realize the importance of a good healthcare system in a country because it is really true that with good health the country is more likely to progress.

The above mentioned thoughts are only a few of the many benefits you will get if there’s regular healthcare debates done in the grassroots level. A debate is a not a battle; it is a way of exchanging thoughts and ideas to truthfully express what is inside the mind of a person. A debate is not a hindrance for you to be worried. It is an action usually taken by many individuals who want to express and share their personal views on a specific topic. Everyone has his own point of view to share and that should be respected. This is the true essence of a debate, respecting the idea of another person and at the same time earning valuable ideas from him.

In many countries, a good and reliable healthcare system is being pursued because this can bring great advantage for those individuals who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills when they have to be admitted. Learn how to express your views while collecting all the benefits you can obtain through a healthcare debate.

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Latest Updates in America’s Health Care Debates

Elections in the US is fast approaching and thus spurs a lot of debates, including health care as one of the most important subjects talked and discussed about by many people, and not only the politicians. Many people have expressed their feelings about the health care program of the government and what it has done to the citizenry. There are those who are of the feelings that the upper middle class of the citizenry should not be those that will take the brunt of paying for the insurance needs of the majority and others who say that they should. This has caused divisions in the people’s minds and opinions, although it can be a healthy one, being able to dig for answers and solutions.

The debates are mainly on the people spending a lot for health care and yet are not getting the basic health care benefits that they ought to receive. There are those who assert that fraudulent claims like knee pain after running marathons are still getting a high percentage in the total insurance claims and yet the state has not done anything to effectively curb these, although the government is stating otherwise. The present government wants the employers to pay for the insurance needs of employees. The contention of many is that employers will cut back their number of employees because instead of having savings, they will be spending more. This will not create jobs but instead will lose jobs, and will not be a healthy sign. To many, this will create a good impact on the minds of voters.

Most of the arguments in these debates are the big spending in terms of health care but people are not reaping the benefits. With the health care law that the government would like to have, will the people really receive what should be delivered, and is this really needed? These are questions in the debates that the people would like to have the answers. These debates are good so that the people will have ideas and get the feel of what the health care program of the government really is. Through these debates, the politicians will also have ideas of what the general populace also feels about their proposals regarding health care. Promoting awareness is an objective which these debates can create.

If these are the results coming out from the debates, then it is a positive one. However, whether it will create a positive result in the minds of people, making them decide to vote for the politicians who push these bills, it will not show. Creating awareness is only what is talked about and the final results will show only after the elections are made. However, people are still complaining that prescription medicines are still very expensive and likewise the health care expenses. These are the results they want, lower cost of medicines and lower cost of medical expenses charged by the private hospitals. If these are the results they get, they will be very happy that these debates are held in the first place.

What Is Obama’s Health Care Program and the Healthcare Debate

THE health care debate in America is understandably making headlines again as the elections are coming. Debates at the GOP primary are already heating up criticizing Pres. Barrack Obama’s Affordable Care Act as a bane to the American system.

What is this all about and why do the Americans need and have to take part on this?

“Obamacare” primarily focuses on requiring the upper middle class to pay insurance to support insurance for the uninsured and the uninsured.

Basically the debate on health care centers on the basic fact that America spends a lot on health care but quite a number of its population do not enjoy healthcare benefits. So what seems to be the problem here?
This is how the US divides its health care program or what is the picture of American health care.

First, health care facilities (meaning hospitals and clinics) are largely owned and operated by the private sector.

Second, health insurance is provided by government with 60-65% of healthcare provision and spending coming from programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and others. Reportedly, most of the population under 65 is insured by an employer. The rest of the population is divided into those who can afford to pay their own insurance while the rest, accounting to about 46.3 million Americans who are uninsured.

Here now lies one of the most contentious debate that Americans must be aware and be more vigilant about.

Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” though also popular could be seen as a deciding factor for resurrecting wider public support for him or it could be a downfall of some sort. Part of Obamacare’s highlights is the requirement for employers to pay for its employees’ medical insurance. The provision is seen to cause higher medical cost and employers dropping medical insurance to its employees, provisions like this really help issues like red eyes.

It also puts the dependents and those who are not working as a burden to the populace particularly to those who have worked 8 to 12 hours a day to buy a higher insurance premium. Obamacare has raised Medicare taxes on high-income households, as well as on medical companies.

For employers having an additional cost in its operations could also tantamount to resorting to cutting on labor cost which could further increase the double-digit unemployment rate in the country.

Those who are actually focusing whether American’s should all be insured are also barking that it is unfair because it bodes on making the lazy even lazier.
Those that see the health care debate as a benefit that is due every Americans point out giving access and providing affordable health care as a natural and basic right.
it is interesting to note that in the US the number of uninsured citizens are increasing vis-à-vis the US government’s spending on health care per capita at $7,146, or a health care spending of 15.2% from its GDP. This is actually higher compared to other industrialized countries.

The argument is despite the big spending, it has not delivered the goods. Which is why considering this new law, will it deliver what the public really need?
Let a public debate be promoted so as to hear what actually real Americans feel and think about the issue.

The Effects of Healthcare Debate

Healthcare by itself or in itself is definitely one of the hottest issues today where more people find themselves into a healthcare debate whether with another regular citizen like himself or with the government who plays a very big role on this. As people strive to further understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to healthcare, the more they find themselves drawn into the healthcare debate as they uncover more effects this can have on their personal or family life. Although still a part of the population is perhaps distant when it comes to healthcare debate, knowing about how this affects them may be the eye-opener that they need and that motivation to get involved, even for their own sake.

One of the things which the healthcare debate is able to affect on the people would be that it is a good way to promote awareness about healthcare options open for every citizen. At the same time the people can be made more aware that the government is with initiatives and reforms implemented in the area of healthcare. The fact that awareness is sparked, more people are then challenged to create sounder decisions for their need of healthcare. Sometimes, people who are unaware about healthcare and what could be theirs, as moved by government are only bound to find themselves spending too much for health care and those who can’t afford only put up to being without this care.

A good thing about the existing healthcare debate is that those in the government or even in the private sectors who are highly concerned about the people’s plight with regards to this area of concern can be moved to pursue further research, studies and initiatives to make it as advantageous to the people as possible. This is good news to all ordinary citizens espeically those suffering from chestpain on the left side like me. This only proves that more can be done to give benefits to the people who find healthcare unaffordable.

As for those who are without the understanding or the realization of the true worth of healthcare, this is the perfect opportunity for them be at a state of appreciating the advantage of having proper healthcare. Perhaps if the sector concerned about healthcare is not to tackle such healthcare debate, people would forever take it for granted as well as issues about the benefits of healthcare can’t be roused. Valuing incentives such as health care may be far from the thoughts of ordinary citizens unless something comes up to open their eyes to it and that may be what the healthcare debate could do best for the people.

If a healthcare debate could produce effects such as these, then it should be a good thing that it is there. Sometimes without debates over health care, things like awareness, realization and moves to further address the plights of regular citizens can’t happen as well. Perhaps it is given that every state or nation should be with predicaments, whether small or big, on issues like health care as this is the root of some effects resulting to positive change. Positive change can easily be achieved when the right medium is used on the right time.

Health Care Costs and Reforms in the US

Many Americans don’t really understand a thing about health care, all the more about health care reforms. That’s why you should not be surprised to hear people say “Don’t touch my Medicare.” This only shows how naïve they are of their health care benefits. Some people wonder though how health care, its funding and challenges have gotten to the extent of being critical. We have to lay down all that we know about the health care’s history and current challenges and try to place it side by side with the health care proposals of the Obama administration.

As a start, you have to realize why the health care costs are getting higher. You have to know that Americans pay about one and a half trillion dollars a year to cover expenses on health care but still prescription drugs and other health services continue to rise. Now that people have been suffering the brunt of a crashing down economy, it is even more difficult for them to understand the value of health care in America. The truth of the matter is that when health care is mentioned it is not the thought of doctors and nurses that prevail. It is profit that is the major issue. Indeed the health care system has become a good way of getting profits for some institutions.

One thing that affects this is the fact that pharmaceutical companies yearly spend about $20 billion for research and development and another such amount for marketing and promotion. This in itself takes a huge cut from the costs that people would be paying for. There are also a lot of medical sales people around the world and almost the same number as doctors in the US. These people have only one goal and that is to invite doctors to attend pharmaceutical conferences wherein new drugs are launched.

Another thing that you should know about health care is that it has exceeded the inflation rate thus it means one thing: the increase in the cost of health care is not due to only just inflation. The fact is that when a country has an increased GDP it follows that it will have an increase in health care costs. Some people say that health care fraud is another culprit that made health care expenses much higher. Health care fraud makes up 10% of the entire health care expenses but there is no clear data that would show this figure.

The problem is that there is no apparent move for the government and the insurance companies to detect fraudulent claims before they are paid. They only claim to be using advanced computer systems to detect fraud in terms of payment. Yet this is obviously not enough. The right way to deal with it is to enact new laws for the reformation of the Americal health care system. An example of these is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that had been approved in 1996.

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The ABC’s of Health Care, Part 2

I is also for inflation protection: a proper health care policy should include this to protect a person from rising costs, and to have added benefits to compensate for it.

L is for long-term care insurance: this is to protect our elderly citizens, who will still require health-care coverage at nursing homes or palliative care institutions.

M is for maximum allowable cost: mainly on the cost of medication, as a list of drugs which can be reimbursed basing on the cost of their generic equivalent.

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M is also for Medicare: this is the Federal program which provide health benefits for citizens aged 65 and above. Those who are insured help to pay for these qualified citizens, along with the government, for hospitalization costs, basic insurance, and other medical expenses.

N is for nursing home: oftentimes referred to as long-term facilities or palliative care institutions, nursing homes exist to take care of those who can no longer take care of themselves, be they the elderly or the chronically sick.

O is for outpatients: these are patients who are treated in health care facilities such as hospitals and clinics but do not stay overnight or long-term.

P is for pre-existing condition: most health care policies list down pre-existing health conditions which they are not willing to cover under their plan. The new health care reform aims to get rid of this policy, especially for children.

P is also for premium: in health care insurance, this is the payment one pays over a given period to be insured.

Q is for qualified Medicare beneficiary: the government selects someone who is living below the Federal poverty line to become the beneficiary for basic medical coverage.

R is for reform: what Obama wants for the existing health care program in order to provide better and fairer coverage. Provisions are in order to have even pre-existing conditions be accepted by insurance companies.

S is for second (surgical) opinion: a lot of health care plans recommend and actually pay to get a second opinion prior to a patient getting surgery.

T is for therapeutic alternatives: sometimes referred to as holistic or organic medication, these are drugs that similar therapeutic effects as pharmaceutical drugs, but are of different chemical makeup.

T is also for third-party payer: this is when a company like HMO or an insurance group or entity pays for medical insurance for someone who has it.

U is for universal health care: the vision to have all governments in the world recognize that health care is a basic human right.

The ABC’s of Health Care, Part 1

A is for American Health Care: A quote from the article “American Health Care System: More Broken Than You Imagined” sums up the situation thus far:

The proportion of those who are underinsured increased from 9 percent to 14 percent, or 25 million people, between 2003 and 2007. Sixty-one percent of those with medical bill problems or accumulated medical debt were insured at the time care was provided.

B is for bills (hospital, medical): The way things work now, even with a supposedly “full” insurance, many hospitals and clinics can and will find ways to deny health claims and bill you for something outrageous. What more for those who are uninsured?

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C is for Conscience Clause: One of the unfortunate things about the current state of health care is the “conscience clause” of many hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics run by religious people. Refusing to render services or goods for clients whom they think are “religiously and morally offensive” (such as buying birth control or assisting in abortion) should be addressed properly by universal health care reform.

D is for diagnosis: Many existing insurance companies are turning down certain pre-existing conditions and diagnoses for both children and adults. A diagnosis should be able to tell you how to treat an illness, not have you ostracized by the very people who can help you get better.

E is for elderly health care: Elderly people need special health care treatment and consideration. The alleviation of symptoms are as important as the prevention of age-related illnesses.

F is for fines for the non-insured: Once health care is mandatory, those who still refuse to buy health insurance will be fined. Stiffer penalties can urge people to see the importance of universal health care and comply with it. F could also be for fluid build up in the joints like knee.

G is for guidelines: So that people fully understand how health care works, guidelines must be presented to everyone buying proper health care insurance explaining where their money goes, and how they can use this reform to their advantage.

H is for human right: Ted Kennedy had said it before: “Health care is a human right.” For people to suffer from serious illnesses and not be treated because of the high cost of hospitalization and medical bills, means we may as well be living in medieval times.

I is for insurance: By the year 2016, everybody has to have insurance, which will roughly cost $5000 per individual, and $12500 per family. These amounts only cover the most basic insurance, although there is an option to upgrade to fancier ones with better coverage.

(To be continued)

Health Care Reform Explained

Having a little less than 50 million uninsured Americans has sparked debates on Health Care Reform. CNN explains in simple terms what it is all about for everyone to understand.

Basically, Obama wants everyone to have insurance. Uninsured people stand to be in a load of trouble in case of medical emergencies or health problems. Even worse, the rest of America’s tax payers have to pay for uninsured people in cases like these. Tax money and insurance premiums of tax payers end up covering the uninsured.

The Health Care plan has already been passed, and some provisions are already in order. It is still a work in progress, as many other stipulations are expected to be revealed in coming years. However, as one of the milestone provisions, it is now illegal for insurance companies to refuse to cover a child with a pre-existing condition. Before the Health Care Reform, kids with pre-existing conditions were turned away by these insurance companies. As a result, many families had to face expensive medical treatments for their afflicted kids with no financial safety net to help them.

As well, it is now illegal to put lifetime limits on benefits. Health Care Reform laws put a stop to this. Children are now also allowed to stay within their parents’ insurance coverage up to the age of twenty-six.

Future provisions of the Health Care Reform for insurance companies include accepting adults with pre-existing conditions. So heart diseases, asthma, cancer, and other pre-existing health conditions must be accepted and covered by insurance companies.

By the year 2016, everybody has to have insurance, which will roughly cost $5000 per individual, and $12500 per family. These amounts only cover the most basic insurance, although there is an option to upgrade to fancier ones with better coverage.

Those who refuse to buy health insurance will be fined. It will cost $350 per child and $700 per adult (for a family of four, that is around $2000 in fines).

That health insurance is an expensive thing is a fact. What the law wants is for people who cannot afford this to be covered by Medicaid. Those who do not qualify for Medicaid can still get subsidies from the government to help them afford health insurance.

There are, of course, arguments about how Americans should not be forced to get health insurance with laws like these. Health care is a controversial topic, but one thing is for sure: something must be done about it, and soon.

Health Care for the Elderly

Depression and the elderly: new Healthcare law provides depression screening discusses how Medicare now covers preventive services for certain mental health issues.

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What this can do is make it easier for senior citizens to open up about their depression, since studies show they are more likely to trust their orimary-care practitioners compared to clinical pyschologists and psychiatrists.

And while there is no real evidence supporting the claim that elderly people are more likely to be depressed than younger ones, depression is still expected to set in as age-related illnesses do. Body issues, degenerative diseases, and other health concerns can cause depression. Depression, in turn, can make physical symptoms worse.

That mental health should be addressed as much as physical is an established fact of health care. One of the main problems, as gleaned by studies conducted on elderly people and their perceived stigma of seeking psychiatric help, is that it is not very easy to discuss their problems and have them screened.

Now, with Medicare covering the annual cost of depression screening among elderly citizens, there is a greater chance to determine if our beloved older friends and relatives are indeed suffering from depression. As well, sixty percent of the treatment of mental health problems is now covered by Medicare.